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  • Covid, College and Coping: You are not alone

    22nd Mar 2021 by

    Author: Eoin Ryan, Maynooth University Postgraduate Listen to the blog and poem here Learning to express yourself You may have noticed on the right-hand column, there is a poem. I wrote it. I don’t blame you if you haven’t read it; poetry isn’t for everyone – me included! “Wait now, how does that make sense?… Read more

  • Reflections on Feminism for International Women’s Day 2021

    7th Mar 2021 by

    Author: Dr Eilish Dillon, MU Dept. of International Development. I Thought Feminism Was for Radicals I had a lecturer in Cork in the early 1990s who seemed, to my disinterested ears, to go on and on about women and gender. Like a broken record she was, or so I thought. She talked about discrimination against women… Read more

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